You might have heard different versions of the following analogy - let me share my version, which has been really unforgettable for me ever since I heard it: “If you take one of the most fertile and delicious banana tree from Alanya and plant it in Rize, it will not bear fruit; and if you take the most fertile and delicious tea plant from Rize and plant it in Alanya, it will not bloom”. One might ask: “Is it the fault of the banana or the tea, or even the soil where it has been planted if it does not bear fruit or bloom?”

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Transfer Effectiveness

Transfer effectiveness in times like these - a rough push into the development zone


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The end of bending - of talents and skills

Last week I had an animal dream - I was a giraffe and had a conversation with a fish. The "fish" was a person who was obviously very close to me (emotionally, not physically in this time of social distancing) and she was very disappointed with my behaviour. She said to me that she wished I was more thorough and had more depth. I looked at her in amazement, bending my long neck down to her, going into the depths of her water. But after a few seconds I had to stretch to catch my breath. At the same time, I felt a great need to keep an eye out for all the things that might come our way. I turned my neck to all sides to get the overview I desired. 

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Daha önce hiç iyi anlaştığınızı, “aynı dili” konuştuğunuzu düşündüğünüz insanlarla hiç çalıştınız mı? Peki ya sabrınızı zorlayan ya da sizi çileden çıkaran insanlarla? Şüphesiz ki kariyeriniz boyunca her ikisini de deneyimlemişsinizdir. Biz insanlar, genellikle diğer herkesin bize benzer şekilde düşünmesini ve davranmasını umuyoruz. Bizim söylediklerimizi dinlemelerini, bizim gibi düşünmelerini, hatta biz daha söylemeden ne düşündüğümüzü anlamalarını bekliyoruz. Bu kuşkusuz birlikte çalışmanın en kolay yoludur, ama ne yazık ki gerçek olması mümkün olmadığı gibi en ideal yol da değildir.

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Have you ever worked with people you really get along with, who speak the same “language” as you? What about people who push your patience to the limits and drive you crazy? I am pretty sure that you have experienced both on a daily basis. We very often expect people to behave or think similarly to us. We expect them to listen to us, to think the same way as we do, or even to understand ourselves before we say anything. That would undoubtedly be the best way to work. But it is neither the reality nor the best way.

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Liderler ile birlikte yaptığımız çalışmalarda performans değerlendirme dönemlerinde geri bildirim vermek ile ilgili yöneticilerin bazı düşünceleri / inanışları olduğunu gözlemliyoruz. Bu inanışlar ile ilgili bir yazıyı yılın bu döneminde sizler ile paylaşmak istedik.

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Some like it HOT, some don't like it at all - and we like it HEALTHY

Did you know that Chili and Feedback have a lot in common? 

Chili peppers are available throughout the year to add health to those brave enough to risk their fiery heat. Did you know that feedback is available and healthy all year round? If you use too much and prepare incorrectly, it can be very painful. But tastefully prepared in the right amount, it can do real miracles.
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Imagine the following situation: As 11 months old you think, "I want to walk upright like adults." A brave decision. You pull yourself up and start your first steps along with the sofa. And suddenly - ups - your foot bends and you fall down on your pampers. You turn red in embarrassment, look around the room, and hope that no one has watched you during this unsuccessful attempt. 
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Hata ve Korkulardan Öğrenme Kültürüne

Hayal edin: 11 aylık bir çocuksunuz ve "Yetişkinler gibi iki ayağımın üzerinde dik bir şekilde yürümek istiyorum" diye düşünüyorsunuz. Cesur bir karar. Kollarınızdan güç alarak kendinizi yukarı çektiniz ve kanepe boyunca ilk adımlarınızı attınız. Ve aniden - eyvah! - ayağınız kaydı ve düştünüz. Utanç içindesiniz, odada etrafınıza baktınız ve bu başarısız girişim sırasında kimsenin sizi görmediğini umuyorsunuz. 

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We deliver IMPACT.

In everything we do, we deliver impact.

We focus on meaningful and sustainable approaches, our attitude and behaviour, our fellows and the world around us. While we say what we mean, we keep our promises and take responsibility for our results. We believe that only when people and places go hand in hand will true transformation happen, and visible impact be created.

Without impact there is no motivation in the long run, no meaning or sense in the job itself.

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